The current affordability of wireless communication has turned out to be a curse instead of a blessing. Parents seem to be losing control of the upbringing of their offspring. The prevalence of violent acts nowadays among people in their late teens and early twenties calls into question the role the parents are playing in bringing up their children. The parents’ responsibility has retreated in the communications age with both parents and children keeping busy on their smart phones; young people are presently surrendering the formation of their “moral” values to extremist groups which promise extravagant rewards sometimes in the afterlife. In the old days a parent used to know the teenager’s friends and to assess whether the friends’ family values are shared and acceptable, whereas today a young person could be communicating (e.g., texting) quietly and discretely with prisoners or extremists while sitting on the same couch with a parent.
There is a common culture in most developing countries which requires both the male and female offspring to live at home “under their parent’s wings” until they get married and sometimes long after marriage for males. Unfortunately parents nowadays have been losing track of the young adults’ whereabouts only to see their pictures, or rather the image of their remains, resurface in the media and on TV screens after they have committed a suicide attack. That is when parents are required to submit a sample for DNA testing in order to confirm the culprits’ identity.
One begins to wonder if young people in developing countries should be forced to move out at an early age and face the responsibility of fending for themselves instead of being provided the comfort of living at home and enjoying room and board at no cost with a lot of free time on their hands, which has been leaving them open to manipulation and exploitation by fanatic groups.
Unemployment and despair in this life may be pushing young adults to surrender to brainwashing that promises a better afterlife subsequent to committing violent acts against people whose only ‘fault’ is a difference in opinion. Should parents be held accountable for their children’s actions? Should they be penalized by having them at least pay damages to the victims? Would taking such measures restrain young people from committing horrendous acts if they know that their parents will pay the price?
The current state of affairs should make potential parents think twice before bringing a new person into this world, they need to be willing and able to rear their children and coach them until they reach adulthood safely instead of leaving them open to being transformed by extremists into a new type of weapons of mass destruction!

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