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I love being a woman in this era. To
some extent, I have to honestly say that
I am blessed in so many ways. A few
decades ago, women were limited in
their actions, voices, choices and rights.
Today, however, they in a far better
position, with regards to culture and
society. People throughout the world
are showing positive understanding
and support towards the emancipation
of women, and what they are capable
of doing. Especially in the context of
entrepreneurship and business leaders.
Educational awareness, profound social
media influence, information explosion,
modern lifestyles, government initiatives,
leaders’ support and a constructive
societal view, have all contributed to this.

Woman Entrepreneur or
‘Womanpreneur’ in short, defines
a female running a business of her
choice. As an entreprenologist, I would
define ‘Womanpreneur’ in a millennial
dimension as a woman, who not only has
vision and capability but is also able to
face and overcome real-life challenges,
along with her values and virtues. It is
only fair to say, that a woman is not all
about beauty but brains as well.

Millennial womenpreneur are very
fortunate that today there are many
work-from-home options and that they
are able to be globally connected via
digitalisation. We can now communicate
and network without even stepping
out of our homes. E-commerce has
become the best option for women to
be constantly active within the market
and among consumers. Technology, at
present, is doing a lot to help in facilitating
and empowering women. It is providing a
lot of space and time for women to build
themselves up, particularly in managing
their day to day activities.

Being soft doesn’t mean that women are
weak, and being firm doesn’t equate as
being masculine. As the business grows
in the fast lane, a smart womanpreneur
will always put herself forward as
a person with knowledge, values,
integrity, creativity and competence. In
a contemporary world, being a modern
woman is juggling many roles, whether in
business or running a family. Multi-tasking
is not an easy skill to master. It certainly
drains off a lot of energy, time and even
physical and mental health. However,
that is what has developed women
into highly resilient entrepreneurs. They
know how to prioritise. The nurturing
instinct in women has transcended them
to become effective leaders within their

However, womenpreneur in this new
dimension shouldn’t forget that success
in life is not all about money-making. It is
also about loving and putting themselves
first, and having passion and purpose.
This would stimulate meaningful success.
Doing business is a freedom of choice. In
some scenarios, women run businesses
due to the poor economic standing of
their families, but in the later stage, it is
their sacrifice and positive determination
that pushes them towards outstanding

Women never fail to amaze, isn’t it?

One of the current business challenges
would be keeping pace with the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
which require womenpreneur to think
critically beyond the current profitmaking. This is what the millennial era is
all about.

Business is not about pursuing the primary motive of
generating profit anymore but rather innovating and reinventing business by embedding the SDGs. Sustainability
is a new reality for businesses. In the coming years,
substantial changes are needed in business behaviour to
achieve the 2030 Agenda of SDGs. Women in all business
sectors must be ready for this mindset-shift, which is
essential in embracing the changes, combining it with
their abilities to contribute towards achieving these goals.
I know breaking traditions won’t be easy, but I believe in
a woman’s strength and perspective to overcome this
challenge. Whether they are ‘flying’, walking, ‘crawling’ or
‘paddling’; women will make it through!

The female millennial front is the era we are living in now,
which is becoming a part of the global talent pool that is
characterised by diversity, ambitious and a high level of
confidence. Entrepreneurship offers the right platform for millennial women with talent and confidence to validate their determination to a greater level.

Business is a challenging journey, which needs both
intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ)
at the same par. My hope is womenpreneur would be
on top and ahead of their game. They should aim higher
without leaving good human virtues. Optimise skills,
advantages and potential that will give you leverage for
yourselves and others. Competition is good but strive not
to make other womenpreneur as rivals, rather support
and complement one another.

In this day and age, give a woman a lemon, and they
will not only make lemonade but lots of wonders that
generate revenues! So, have faith in womenpreneur of
the millennial.

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